Crossovers and Fanfiction

Sometimes I write things are not Trainworld canon, and/or have crossovers with other projects and worldbuilding things of mine, like a few where I have tossed in a terrorkitten (they don’t actually exist in the Trainworld) just to see what one of my favourite Stewards would do with them.  Sometimes they are crossovers with RPG systems and/or RP characters of my friends.  These are generally written for my own amusement, and the amusement of a particular friend or two, and they might vary both in style and how well they’ve been polished.  Some of these haven’t been edited much and I might never bother.

If you’re looking for perfection or reason, you might want to hunt somewhere else, but if you’re just of a more curious sort, I will put these stories down here, occasionally.  If you have questions you can let me know and I’ll give you answers if I have them.  However, these are usually written from the perspective of someone or for someone who knows much about the worlds already.

Maybe this will lessen your enjoyment if you don’t know and you don’t like things that aren’t neatly tidied up.

Offerings – In which Steward Sebastian takes a walk at night and someone approaches him with an offer.
Content warnings: Should not be too many scary things in here, but it does contain a few things that may be considered spoilers.  You probably have to know what they are to find them spoilery, though, and they are pretty vague, and most of them are never mentioned in any of the main stories, so I don’t know if they count.  It contains a Warmain character of mine, and a friend’s Deceiver character is mentioned by name, and there are many other references to the RPG Nobilis which rulebooks are pretty much pure poetry and should be read for the sheer pleasure of doing so.
(Excrucians belong to the RPG Nobilis.  And the Not.  And probably don’t exist here.  We can hope.)

Oh, and also this story is about 8500 words long and I will probably keep on editing it.

Spears – In which the Red Huntress feels she has something to prove to someone and Steward Sebastian is not too happy about the whole thing.
Content Warnings: Hunting; being impaled on many, many spears; blood; murder.

(Don’t worry, though! Death is a lie, and Sebastian will be okay again later!  Dear Azmytharian of the true ones will bring him back again backstage or something.  It’s one of those things Deceivers sometimes does.  Like dear Hasp can also do.  One would be wise not to listen to them when they assure one and Creation that really, one is perfectly fine and no longer dead, but it’s such a pleasant lie.  So tempting not to be dead.  What could the harm in not being dead be?  One used to be not-dead before!  What’s the worst that can happen!?)

Cruelty – In which a Protector hears a strange sound and decides to investigate, finding an animal in distress.
Content warnings: Cruelty to animals, torture, violence, blood, murder.
I wrote this for a friend: The main Protector in this one is based on one of his RP characters in the game Anarchy Online and a conversation we had about how much this character wouldn’t like Truthseekers, and I’ve tried to emulate the way that character speaks.


And sometimes there are stories and weird pieces of writing that don’t involve anyone from the Trainworld at all or very little – some of these don’t even mention Steward Sebastian! – but I’ll put them here at the absolute bottom anyway, because I have no idea where else to put them and I figure that why not. Be warned that almost all of these were initially written exclusively for my own dubious amusements and pleasures, and as such I’m not sure all of them – or any, for that matter! – actually make sense outside of my own head. You might not want to read these. If you do, I take no responsibility.

When these should be read in a particular order to make the most sense, I recommend you read Dogs, Hunted, Trades and Passing Reunions in the order found, but since this will still make little sense I don’t know what the difference would be.

In Which We Learn How To Summon The Red Huntress – … and also why it’s a really terrible idea and you really, really shouldn’t do that. Not really a story, think more along the lines of reading summoning rituals out of an old book on sorcery.
Content Warnings: Unpleasant reading, I suspect. Involves eating dead animals raw. Also a lot of blood.

Feasts and Validation – In which someone tries to prove his worth to the Red Huntress.
Content Warnings: Hunting; being tormented; being injured; blood; death.

Dogs – In which Steward Sebastian meets a dog and decides to talk to her.
Content warnings: Shooting people, threats made and enforced with firearms, blood, death.

Hunted – In which Pantherina objects to being hunted. She really didn’t sign up for this shit when she agreed to being a worldwalking assassin working for Min.
Content warnings: Adraweed and her second eldest hound are shot several times, but it’s not like it hurts them. They just die for a little while, as a courtesy. Gore. Feasting on the remains of the dead. Casually taking major emotions from someone. Cursing. I mean that; there’s so much cursing in this thing it’s ridiculous.

Trades – In which Pantherina learns to trade.
Content warnings: Shooting someone with their consent, violence, gore, killing a huge beast.

Passing Reunions – In which Steward Sebastian once again meets a dog, and this time the dog has a serpent in her company, and Steward Sebastian is wondering where his life went so wrong.
Content warnings: Threatening and threats, swallowing a rodent alive, killing a doomsbringer to devour that one too.

Winter – In which a pack of paos faces winter starvation.
Content Warnings: Starvation, blood, death, talk of suicide, suicide, cannibalism, deep unhappiness.
Was originally written for a friend of mine on the topic of winter.  Winter and I have a very complicated relationship, and things got dark very quickly.  Features the pack of paos, which is a long running thought experiment of mine trying to answer the question of what would happen if there were ten of me existing together.  Sometimes the settings differ, but the pack is very often more or less the same.

Rest – In which Huntsman Shade and the eyeless hound are hanging out, just relaxing in a winter night.
Content Warnings: I don’t think there are much to be aware of here.  Pantherina is no longer human at this point, though, but neither is she in this story personally.

Questions – In which a Squirrel asks unwise questions and gets answers she wasn’t expecting.
Content Warnings: I… don’t entirely know..?  No one dies.  There are threats, though, and cursing.  So.  Much.  Cursing.


Love – In which a Steward loves a Serpent with all his delicious heart.

Of all the non-canony things I’ve ever written about any character(s) of mine ever, this is quite possibly the absolutely least canony. It’s a very sweet thing, though, involving Steward Sebastian and huntsman Serpent hanging out in her home-realm of Sahtet, living a very happy and idyllic life after his retirement from being a Steward.

Content Warnings: Consensual and gentle vore. Serpent is a serpent, she likes swallowing things and she doesn’t have to kill a living thing she swallows. She’s a magical creature made out of black sand, even if she does a good job looking like a human person most of the time. So she can basically swallow people and let them just hang out inside her.  She’d probably make for a very comfortable sleeping bag when out camping…

(Although the downside is that she can also keep living things alive as she digests/absorbs them. She’s versatile like that! Probably due to how she doesn’t have any organs and being all black sand, so it’s not like she really has a stomach or digestive system in the first place.)

Fun Fact: I still absolutely consider this canon.  Stewards are just very private creatures, which is totally the only reason he’s not talking about it.  Yes.  Absolutely.  That’s the only reason.

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