A thing I wrote about my main RP character and her brother.  FEEL THE SIBLING LOVE.

Content warning: a ridiculous amount of terrible insults.

It was not an ordinary day. The usual stillness of a lazy Newland summer day was cut through by angry, agitated voices coming from the eating area by the Bronto Burger stand. Most of the other customers who had anything at all better to do had fled the scene where a furious woman with antlers and dark hazel eyes was shouting at a young man with the same dark hazel eyes but with Omni-Tek branded clothing, who was shouting back at her with great spite and venom.
“You bloody corporate lapdog!” She raised her fist at him, shaking it.
“You dirty rebel scum!” He narrowed his dark eyes at her in contempt.
“How can you live with yourself, you evil jerk?!”
“How can you live with yourself, you damn terrorist?!”
They glared at one another, each one on their opposite sides if the table.
“We in the clans are noble, independent people, in difference from you Omni-Tek sheep!”
“Noble and independent?! Hah! You’re all just aimless fools without a purpose!”
“Oh, we have a purpose! It’s to rid this world from people like you, you dolt!”
More glaring. Palms pressed to the top of the table as dark gaze met dark gaze. They leaned in closer to one another, silent for a moment, just glaring, as if both were trying to intimidate the other as someone came wandering up to stand nearby, eating a burger as he watched the commotion with some confusion.
“Well, you will never succeed, you hopeless scumbags! We’re strong and organised and you’re just random throwaways who washed up in the desert!” The angry man at the table broke the silence first.
“We have already taken Old Athen from you naive idiot! You just wait and we will take the rest as well! Perhaps we’ll go for Rome next!” There was slight pride in her voice.
“If everyone else there are as incompetent as you are, we won’t have to worry about that any time soon!” He laughed at her.
She almost threw her hot tea in his face but thought better of it. “Don’t you dare underestimate me and my friends, you dimwit!
“I’m not afraid of any dusty, moronic desert dwellers!” He slammed his fist down on the table. “Rome is safe, and ours, and will always be!”
“Well, then perhaps you can keep it, you dumbass highrise dweller!”
He smirked at her. “I already used ‘dweller’, you shitty loudmouth!”
“Oh, you snarky piss-ant! You’re just proving my point that all you Omni-Tek people don’t even have half a brain! Fuck off back to Rome and pray we don’t burn it to the ground!”
The man who had been eating his burger came up beside the table and glared at the other man.
“You heard her, you fucking omni asshole! Get lost!”
The antlered woman turned her head sharply to glare at him with narrowed dark eyes for just a second. “Don’t you even dare to call my little brother that!”
Before she had managed to stop herself, she had thrown the cup of very hot tea in the face of one extremely confused man and…

“Good grief, Hannah! I definitely didn’t think you would throw a cup of almost scalding tea in someone’s face!” Graham shook his head, leaning against the outside of the wall around Newland city, looking at Hannah in some disbelief and astonishment. Hannah just stared silently, wearing a sheepish, nervous smile.
“I couldn’t let him get away with him calling you an asshole…”
Graham nodded, then hugged her tightly.
“Thanks, sis,” he said softly, voice full of held-back laughter. “Same time and place next time for our next political debate?”
Hannah hugged him back, then laughed a little as she let him go again.
“We’ll see if anyone will ever let me buy more tea after having seen what I did today…”

They both shook their heads slightly, then hazel gazes met, both watching the other with affection. Another hug, then they walked together to the whompahs. At ICC they stood together in the great hall for a moment, then they hugged again.
“I love you, my crazy sis.”
“And I love you, my asshat brother.”

Letting go once again they went their separate ways:
a man with Omni-Tek branded clothing entering the whompah to Omni Trade;
a smiling antlered woman entering the whompah to Tir.

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