Trigger Warning Use

As I go along adding stories and poems on here, I will also do my best to add relevant trigger warnings on things.  However, I might miss things, because I’m not at all an expert on trigger warnings, and by our natures what we find triggering will vary from person to person.  I will however do my best, and if you think I have missed something major, just let me know by sending an email to pao @ panterdjuret.nu (without the spaces) and I will try to fix it.

HOWEVER – if you find blood and graphic violence especially triggering, it will be much simpler if you tread very, very carefully here, because there will be quite a lot of it laying about.  There is a lot of bloody things here, and I would like you to be warned and be prepared.  There’s also a lot about nature, and beauty, and friendship and stories about fun things, but please use your discretion.

I hope this will go well for all of us.

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