About the Trainworld

My most elaborate and serious worldbuilding attempt ever attempted.  At the moment this place is where I keep my Trainworld Glossary, but I’ll write more information here over time.

Sometimes I write story fragments either set before the main storyline to figure out things about the world, or things out of canon that are never mentioned or discussed in the canon that might as well be true.

Here are a list of a few such stories:

Stargazing – In which Hannabelle is stargazing and someone finds her.
Content Warnings: This shouldn’t really have anything triggery in it.  If you find anything triggery in it, please let me know.

Revenge – In which a formation of Protectors decide to deviate from protocol to take revenge on a man who killed their dog, and we learn where their loyalties lay.
Content Warnings: A lot of blood, a dog being stabbed and murdered, much violence, a man being inferred to have been stabbed and murdered, Protectors really not being good people.

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