Written as a series of around ten short one page poems I wrote one night many years ago when I was feeling quite angry and bitter and upset indeed.

There should not be any triggery stuff in this one, but… use caution: it is still not a nice one.

One page entries.  I will be a good girl; I will not scream, I will not ask, I will not beg.  I will dress in pretty rags and I will be your princess, I will be your queen.  Just pour my heart full of mercury, drench me in gasoline and watch me burn.  Watch me burn, watch me melt for you, just for you.
I will be a good girl. I will hide the knives and sheathe my claws, I will wear the lace so becomingly. I will smile most kindly, blush the sweetest, wear the roses in my hair as they wilt and wither and dry up and crumble to dust. I will hide my dreams inside and forget them at dawn, I will hide the embers in my chest under ten feet of ash.
I will hide the fires in my eyes and keep my gaze on my neatly folded hands. I will be a good girl. I will be a good girl and fool you all. I will be a good girl and fool you all, and I will wear the sweetest smile when my star finally goes nova and burns you all to ash.

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