something moving there
beneath her skin
thorny pointy razorblade spine
her smile turning into a grin
and then into a smirk
and then an almost serene
quiet calm

with something moving
behind her eyes
which are not glowing
as they usually do
but they are a cold blue
and cold metal gold
as she watches
still quiet polite
her paws folded
not ready to strike
at soft belly
or exposed troat
or go for the eyes
with sharpened claws –
but there is something
moving there
breathing with her
planning scheming
plotting with her
silent calm
whisper-voice soothing
looking for cracks
looking for ways
to strike at the heart
without touching the body

there is something moving there
beneath her skin
behind her eyes
as her grin fades into a smirk
her body relaxing
as her skin draws tighter
clinging to the monster

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